Thursday, February 26, 2009

To My Mother

As new day dawns the darkness fades,
And the world's discovered in brillant shades,
The dewdrops on spider's web are glistening,
And we to thrush's song are listening,
Nocturnal creatures go to rest,
And new spring flowers look their best,
The air grows warm as the days grow longer,
And the feeling of hope grows ever stronger.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Friend and I (To C. S.)

My friend and I did walk one day,
Through alabaster lilies, where deer do play,
Through the valleys and the dells,
And listened to the church's bells,
Echoing off hill and knoll,
Striking chord in each man's soul,
And as the sun set in fiery light,
The stars did herald the dark of night,
It wasn't the end, but just a stop,
Into life's lake, just a drop,
Of quietness for all to rest,
The sun's gone on another quest,
To see the world, and then come back,
To bring us the light we dearly lack,
My friend and I did walk one morn,
And saw the world in light reborn.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

To J. T.

I sat and watched the stars one night,
I watched the moon in silent flight,
And thought longingly of when through the sky,
The sun's rays would wash o'er me as I lie,
And warm the cold and barren ground,
Peek through the waters of the sound,
But now the sun is at it's rest,
And we will have to do our best,
To not give up, though long's the dark,
Think of the sound of spring's first lark,
Of purple mountains with covers of snow,
Red ridges high, green valleys low,
Of waters running swift with might,
That sparkle in the gentle light,
Of deer that run so silently,
From slightest sound they turn to flee,
Remember these and then you'll see,
Dark Night has no hold over thee.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Description of the Seasons

The new air smells of flowers,
The birds do sing their song,
New leaves now show on treetops,
The days are growing long.

The heat does shimmer o'er the lake,
The deer walk silently,
As the heat of day fades into night,
The stars above shine brightly.

The sun sets on a chilly day,
As leaves float off the trees,
The air grows silent 'round us now,
As to the south birds flee.

The wind blows gusts of frigid air,
As winter comes to call,
Whipping the clouds up in the air,
Though evergreens stand still tall.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Thunder's Song

High the waves do crash,
Against the rocks they dash,
They twist and turn and writhe,
As if they were alive,
Foam does top the waves,
A wild beast does rave,
In it's prison of the sea,
Knashing it's teeth angrily,
The dark clouds overhead,
The fury of sea have fed,
Thunder booms it's song,
As the rain does sing along,
Lightning now does strike,
Lighting up the night,
But soon the storm will pass,
No more does lightning flash,
Thunder sings no more,
The sun has won the war.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Lake

The sun does shine down gently,
As the day does break,
The birds are singing sweetly,
As they flit o'er the lake.
The clouds are light and airy,
Upon a sky of blue,
The warm wind does blow softly,
The trees join in song too.
The quiet of the stillness,
Is peaceful in a clear way,
Upon the shores of water,
While time stops here today.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hello again, chaps and chappesses!

We've been having wonderful weather down here! It was rather warm yesterday. Although, might I add, much to breezy for my taste. It seems *sniff* we are babysitting another dog this weekend. Hmph. I don't know what people see in those things, smelly little drooling animals. Cats are so much more refined. Not to mention poised and elegant. Anyway, I suppose I shall have to suffer it, since it pleases my owner's mother. Oh well.

Ta ta for now!

Orion Wittifrid

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The coming of Spring

At last the sun shines bright and clear!
The clouds have finally gone,
No more of things like snow we fear,
Winter has come but is gone!
The birds are singing in the trees,
The grass grows green again,
The flowers are covered in buzzing bees,
Spring has come again!
As the air grows warm around me,
I sing a song to God,
For all the wonders of nature I see,
Were made for us by God!