Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Traveling Salesman

"Drink a drop of life today,
Drink a drop and live,
Seen things never seen before,
See things that are hid,"
That's what the salesman calls aloud,
Holding out his wares,
Inviting in the interested,
And all the curious stares.
"Sir," said he, "I ask of you,
Can you harness the strength of giants?
For what's the use of hidden means,
And is your shoe leather pliant?
And madam, surely you could use,
A jar of beauty cream?
It smoothes out wrinkles, spots, and scars,
It's every woman's dream."
So on and on the salesman went,
Peddling here and there,
Shoes and rope, and other things,
And ribbons for pretty girls' hair.
I simply smiled and walked on by,
Though he called twice to 'stop',
For I was drinking a bottle of life that day,
Each smile another drop.