Saturday, April 9, 2011

To Catch the Sun

The sun is shining low,
O'er the green hills of my home,
O'er the silver river flowing,
And o'er me as I roam.
I know not where they come from,
Those bright rays of the sun,
But someday I will reach them,
When all is said and done.
On and on I travel,
O'er the lanes and byways fair,
I walk along in spring's pale light,
And summer sun's bright glare.
Yes, I walk on along my way,
In fall sun's fading gaze,
And in the shining glint of light,
On darkened winter day.
I left my love and left my home,
To go and chase the sun,
For I must find that guiding light,
When all is said and done.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Again

Softly now the stream is flowing,
Under shoots and roots of trees,
It cares not where now it is going,
It reaches up to touch the breeze.

The wind is whistling through the green leaves,
Quietly it sings its tune,
It brushes past the budding flowers,
Hoping they will bloom full soon.

The flower stretches out its petals,
Basking in the sun's bright rays,
It has been a long, cold winter,
But now spring's glory is ablaze.

Friday, January 28, 2011


My sister means the world to me,

More than any treasure,

And I can face most anything,

As long as we're together.

The secret laughs that we have shared,

Are near still to my heart,

and even though we wander on,

We're never far apart.

I take her hand,

And she takes mine,

If we ever start to stray,

And I thank God above for her,

Without fail every day.

She has been there when she's needed,

And knows always what to say,

With a word of comfort ready,

When life is all in dissaray.

When it rains she takes me dancing,

When it thunders she sings loud,

She never gives in to the world,

My sister makes me proud.

So Sister keep on going,

And never turn around,

We'll always be together,

And I'll never let you down.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Rhythm

There's a catchy little rhythm in the crunching of the snow,
As it shines with water droplets in the warmth of sunlight's glow.
I can hear it in the whistle of the winter wind so cold,
And the song of every cardinal with his feathers bright and bold.
Listen closely--can you hear it? In the cracking of the ice,
And the creaking of the bushes, each leaf clear and so precise.
I can hear it in the jingle of each shining, silver bell,
Ringing out so merrily their voice throughout the dell.
Yet though I hear it in the noises, I hear it most of all,
In the silence of the winter, and each new snowflake's fall.