Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Adventures of Sir Malchance, Part 2

When we last left Malchance and Loyal they had just sighted a burning village. Seeing a group of dejected villagers, they go over:

"What happened here?" asked Malchance. A sooty mayor stepped forward,
"The dragon, Sir Knight!" Malchance quickly scanned the sky,
"What dragon? Where? I don't see a dragon."
"The dragon that burned down our village of course!" replied the mayor.
"Drat!" said Malchance, "There goes my quip about playing with flint and steel. I don't suppose the dragon was playing with fire, was he?" The mayor looked at Malchance, perplexed,
"ou're wasting your time, Sir Knight! What about the visiting princess? The dragon carried her off to it's lair!"
"What's this?" asked Malchance, smiling, " A damsel in distress?Why didn't you say so? Which way?" He paused. "If she is a princess, where are her guards? I don't see anyone here, begging your pardon, who looks like a castle guard." The mayor sighed. This knight was giving him a headache.
"The guards ran off when they saw the dragon coming. They weren't very good guards."
"Oh," said Malchance, "Anyway, which way is the dragons lair?" The mayor pointed, and Malchancerode off, leaving behind a very confused group of villagers.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Adventures of Sir Malchance; Part 1

Once upon a time there was a knight named Malchance. Being newly knighted, he had set out with his steed, Loyal, to find great deeds to do. Loyal was not an ordinary horse, he had the gift of speech. Having no idea where they were going, the two heroes traveled aimlessly, hoping to come upon a damsel in distress, or something like that. Malchance was just about to remark on this when a gang of thieves ran out into the road and surrounded them. That was just his luck.
"I can handle this." muttered Malchance to Loyal.
"Hand over your coins or pay the price!" sneered the man whom Malchance took to be the leader.
"Why don't you just say one or the other?" asked Malchance. The leader was caught off guard,
"I don't see what you mean."
"It's quite simple, really," replied Malchance. "You said 'Hand over your coins or pay the price'. Handing over my coins will be paying you, and if I pay the price you'll probably take my coins anyway. So why say both?" The leader pondered this for a moment.
"I never thought of it that way," he paused, "If you help me you can go free." Malchance agreed.
"Why not try 'Hand over your coins or else'? That could imply almost anything, and would leave victims to ponder their fate."
The thieves murmured amongst themselves in approval.
"Or," said Malchance, "you could accept gold coins from me, go to King Arthur, and ask to be of service." The leader shrugged,
"How may coins do we get?"
In the end, Malchance gave them ten gold marks, which was a sizable amount of money then. Malchance and Loyal soon left the bandits behind.
"I can't believe you actually thought of that," Loyal remarked. Malchance smiled happily. Coming over the ridge of a hill they saw a burning village.
"What happened here?" asked Malchance.
"I don't know," replied Loyal, "Let's find out.


Just an Update...

Dear Reader:

As a change from my normal poetry, I have decided to post a short story series I have written. I will post the first section today, and each next section every other day. I hope you enjoy this change of pace!

In Christ,

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Forest Walk

Deep among the ancient trees,
Where no wind dares stir the leaves,
Where the sunlight, tinted green,
Plays upon a quiet scene,
The babbling brook makes no more sound,
Gliding silently o'er it's path worn through the ground,
The netted shadows shift and shake,
Spots of sunlight to overtake,
The birds are piping their lilting song,
Quieter as the day wears long,
And o'er the mossy forest floor,
Deer step as out of folktale lore,
The light takes on a golden hue,
As the sun fades to become new,
And as you walk away again,
You close your prayer for peace, "Amen".

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day After Day

As the day lays down to sleep,
And clouds the sky so gently sweep,
The trees are cast in shadows long,
The birds are winding down their song,
The wind picks up and hums a tune,
To the slowly rising moon,
Now the stars come out to dance,
Shining brightly at first chance,
For soon the dawn will come once more,
Without even a whisper, much less a roar,
And shed a light again o'er the world,
A sail made of light, sudd'nly unfurled,
That rides overhead through the blue sky,
Reaches higher and higher, 'til no more it can fly,
And sinks again back, down past the sea,
No more 'til morning it will I see,
Once more I go to bed to rest,
And say, "Oh Lord, I'm surely blessed".

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Lord, My God

In this world of pain and grief,
With people devoid of all belief,
Sometimes it's hard to carry on,
Clouds obscure the Son's bright dawn,
But when I cry out to my King,
He takes me under His shelt'ring wing,
He picks me up when I fall down,
My Lord, my God, won't let me drown!
I'm not perfect, and this He knows,
Yet He loves more than I could suppose,
Yes, I'll be true 'til all is done,
And the world is bathed in rays of the Son.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Horse

Amidst the green grass of the pasture,
Beside the wood fence worn,
You stand there with a white coat pure,
Blue flowers your mane adorn.
You gallop through the short, hale grass,
And underneath the trees,
Your speed does well all things surpass,
You breathe the clean spring breeze.
And when the night has come again,
And the moon shines bright,
In your stall you will remain,
Peaceful through the night.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Time Marches On

Time marches on with measured footfalls,
Passing through our weakly built walls,
It never leaves, nor stops, nor rests,
Hear it ticking- softly ticking-
Still it's ticking!
And it contains many hard tests.

Remember that to us it's measured,
And it must be greatly treasured,
Hark! The winds of change are speaking!
Hear them blowing- softly blowing-
Still they're blowing!
And they our very lives are seeking!

For through our fingers time is seeping,
Resolve to be no more found sleeping!
We must rise above this earth's chains,
Hear them breaking- loudly breaking-
Now they're breaking!
For the Lord, He still sustains!

Friday, May 29, 2009

A Poem of Poems

I have not written in awhile,
Anything to make you smile,
For that I do apologize,
But nothing has yet caught my eyes,
To write another poem about,
Nothing has yet been so stout,
As to stand the scrunity,
Of a poet's eye, like me,
So for now I will search on,
from the evening 'till the dawn,
Hoping ever yet to find,
The perfect thing for which to ryhme!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Lord Above

The sunlight gently filtered down,
Through the top of trees' green crown,
And played upon the forest floor,
Though shadows it did not explore,
And waved in passing to the breeze,
That wound it's way through ancient trees,
Emerging on a rocky height,
Where below, the ground dwindled out of sight,
And farther out the ocean's roar,
Echoed, as at the rocks it tore,
And the seagull crying overhead,
Passed o'er the path on which I tread,
And as I gazed upon this scene,
A voice came to me, as in a dream,
"Behold, all that you see and more
From forest trees to rocky shore,
Was made by Me, the Lord above,
And is cherished much, with tender love."

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Power of Prayer

On my way to a place,
Out of time out of space,
Out of worry and care,
Out of desperate despair,
I'm going there,
To my quiet prayer,
Peaceful in every degree,
With no tears to see,
God is with me,
And I am free.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Gates

I traveled back in time today,
To a land that's far away,
Through a gate with pages old,
Passage there through print that's bold,
I looked over the landscape cream,
And smiled at my own daydream,
Then sighed and traveled back again,
Through ancient forest and green fen,
To castle of my own,
Bright and cheery, warm, it's home,
Even though I'm back once more,
I see gate's shadows on the floor.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Long ago and far away,
In a land scorched hot by day,
There was a man, both brave and true,
He lived among, and was, a Jew.
Advisor to high royalty,
To God he gave his loyalty,
He stood for what he knew was right,
Though he stood alone to fight,
When others wanted to give in,
He knew that God alone would win.
But the people of his realm,
By dark sin were overwhelmed,
So this man cried to the Lord,
"Let me speak to them Your word!"
God heard him and said "Go and speak,"
"To the strong, and rich, and weak."
So he spoke just as God said,
But abuse rained on his head,
Still he kept true to his Lord,
And God will give him his reward.

Friday, May 15, 2009

My Lord

Lord I want to see you,
Show to me Your face,
Lord, where can I find You?
Guide me to the place.
By the blood of Jesus,
I'm admitted to Your grace,
And all of me is Yours,
While I run this long, hard race.
I thirst for righteousness,
I am no more disgraced,
Take me to Your water,
This sin in me replace,
Lord make me Your own daughter,
Hold me in Your embrace.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Victory Garden

Amidst the smell of good clean earth,
And plants of vibrant green,
There is an awe-inspiring sight,
The biggest you've ever seen.
Beside the young tomato plants,
And rows of sprouting beans,
Between the cucumbers we have left,
The dirt with weed-life teems!
These weeds, they grow up overnight,
And when we pull them out,
They seem to enjoy our piteous plight,
And come back just as stout.
But when we win this battle long,
And triumph o'er the weeds,
We'll feast on fruits of our labor sweet,
For God has supplied our needs.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Each Part

Each drop of rain is falling,
From the sky so silently,
And all must work together,
To make the dryness flee.
Each note does ring out sweetly,
Each has a part in this one song,
And if even one were missing,
Many could go wrong.
Each brush stroke in this painting,
Has a place that it should be,
And each must go there humbly,
So this picture I can see.
And just as one musician and one artist made them all,
So He made us rightly to abide by His good law,
And when you cannot see the use of things that seem so bad,
Remember God in heaven. Rejoice! Be now glad.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

To all mothers....

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mother's Day (To My Mother)

Amidst the April showers,
And the windy days of May,
There is a time that's special,
And that is Mother's Day.
To celebrate your mother,
And all she's done for you,
'Cause through the troubles and trials,
She's always been there, true.
She been there right beside you,
When you have felt alone,
She made the house you live in,
Feel warm and like a home,
She wiped away the tears you've cried,
And held you in her arms,
She's comforted you with gentle words,
And made your heart grow warm.
So Mother, I will love you,
'Til all my days are through,
Now I just have two words to say,
And those are these: "Thank you".

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Courtney

You're older on this day: your birthday,
Another year has passed you by,
Full of laughter and of good times,
Oh, how the precious minutes fly!
So live each moment to it's fullest,
Don't give in to fear or doubt,
Always give your effort that's best,
Give people something to think about!

To You Be True

Though the night is yet enroaching,
And the wind howls o'er the land,
I stand here by the crashing ocean,
Still, O Lord, I'll raise my hands.
Though the rain is pouring on me,
The heavens are with lightning torn,
I will kneel here by the gray sea,
My heart weary and care-worn.
When the storm's around me raging,
Lord I give my all to you,
Though life against me war is waging,
To You always I will be true.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Stitching Ryhme

One stitch, two stitch, three stitch, four,
And after that there's many more,
That go into this quilt of mine,
With colors rich, it's fabric fine,
Five stitch, six stitch, seven and eight,
Keep that line of stitches straight!
Neatness is important here,
Jack Frost this quilt quite soon will fear,
Nine stitch, ten sitch, now we're done,
We went to bed late and rose with the sun,
Now this quilt is ready to go,
And shield us from cold winter's snow.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Christ is Risen

Lilies in their glory blooming,
Church bells clanging joyfully,
Hear the song of each small sparrow,
Join with choir in harmony.
Praise the Lord!
Our Christ has risen,
No more he lies entombed in stone,
God Most High!
Our hearts are given,
No more are we to be alone,
Run and tell,
All other people,
To the nations sing His praise,
Find the sad,
And unforgiven,
And praise the King of Kings today.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Morn

The sun shines bright upon the world,
And leaves on trees are now unfurled,
To wave in gentle wind that blows,
Away the clouds that bring the snows,
And I sit here upon the grass,
In morning dew that shines like glass,
And think of what I'll do today,
People to see and words to say,
And I thank God for all He's made,
And for the price that Jesus paid.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Heart's Song

It's cold and quiet out right now,
I hear the hooting of an owl,
And soon I'll listen close and hear,
A violin playing in my ear,
It weaves it's lonely melody,
Carried by wind,
Far o'er the sea,
The tune compells,
These tears of mine,
To fall into the salty brine,
But now the song has quickened and
It makes me dance,
Upon the sand,
It tells of happiness and joy,
Those things which sorrow does destroy,
But soon which are found once again,
Undying in the hearts of men.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Christ With Me

Though dark waves are crashing,
And forked light is flashing,
Mighty thunder is clashing,
Here stand I.

Though North wind is blowing,
And grey clouds are snowing,
My salt tears are flowing,
Here stand I.

Through tempest and trial,
And Evil One's guile,
O'er every hard mile,
Here stand I.

Though no man can hear me,
And I am still unfree,
While calling out my plea,
Here stand I.

For after awhile,
I'll regain my smile,
And all is worthwhile,
Christ with me.

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Rainstorm

Throught the night the rain poured down,
And frolicked on the roof,
I peeked out of my room and saw,
Of rain trustworthy proof.
Yet when I looked again today,
As I jumped out of bed,
The clouds were gone the sky was blue,
And I just scratched my head.
"Where did it go?" I wondered long,
As I stood and watched the sky,
How could a rainstorm that falls so hard,
Go so quickly by?
Then I shrugged and turned away,
And now no more I wonder,
God controls the wind and rain,
Be it sun or thunder.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Keep On

As we travel on our way,
That's very straight and narrow,
Sometimes we miss the light of day,
Through clouds and hail like arrows.
But keep on walking on this road,
No matter the troubles you face,
No matter the tiresome, troublesome load,
Or slow and weary pace.
Strive on for Him who knows you well,
And watches o'er you each day,
For you only time and seasons will tell,
But He knows all of your way.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Rain

The day has dawned in dark today,
As rain is falling down,
The fog has covered both land and waves,
And is rolling all around.
The clouds are dark and heavy,
And the birds are in their nests,
As many little raindrops,
Come to the earth to rest.
But soon the fog will roll away,
And the sun will shine again,
A rainbow ripples in the sky,
Over the worn dirt lane and fen.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Picnic

The bees are buzzing brightly,
I pass trees and touch their trunks,
Young girls are giggling gaily,
As their brothers rough and romp.
The Nannys knit their napkins,
The Sun does show his shine,
The world is warbling with goodwill,
While the sparrows stir their stumps.
This picnic perfumes the pondside,
With the ghost of good old grapes,
And fried chicken is found at it's finest,
In a basket with blueberry buns.
This poem may not appeal to your appetite,
For it's true that trusty ryhmers trembled,
But alliteration asuages the agony,
And perhaps some form of reason's assembled.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Day

Dawn is rising from her slumber,
From her palace in the sea,
Bursting forth with glorious brilliance,
Caressing the earth so gently.

Noon is dancing in the blue sky,
High above the world she twirls,
Laughing gaily as the wind blows,
Through her shining golden curls.

Evening sits down by the river,
Quietly she sings a song,
And as the notes echo back softly,
The birds join in and sing along.

Night runs swiftly across the heavens,
Pulling her mantle 'cross the skies,
She waves at stars while passing by them,
And silence she with moonlight ties.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Seasons (To Mom)

Flowers sway in new, clean air,
As birds do sing so soft,
The deer are wandering through the wood,
Spring holds her head aloft.

As sunlight sparkles o'er the water,
And clouds are passing by,
The breeze is warm and gentle,
On his throne Summer lies.

The trees their branches wave about,
As cloaks of leaves they shed,
The sky is clear and cloudless blue,
As Autumn wears her mantle of red.

The snow in drifts does pile high,
Above the frozen ground,
The bears in their caves are sleeping now,
In his palace of ice Winter's found.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Dewdrop

A small and shining dewdrop,
My eye caught as it lay,
On the petal of a flower,
In light of a new day.

The little dewdrop hung there,
While 'round the world grew bright,
And little birds were singing,
A song with all their might.

And as I gazed upon it,
This dewdrop small and frail,
A tear came to my eye,
I stopped on well worn trail.

The sun was now fast rising,
The dew would soon fall away,
Then I smiled as I thought,
"But tomorrow's another day".

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Whispers of the Lord

I hear the whispers of the Lord,
Along my life's long way,
In the sighing of the wind,
And the sun's warm ray,
In the rustling of the leaves,
And creak of branches long,
In the babbling of the brook,
And red robin's song.
In the crashing of the waves,
Upon the rocky shore,
And in the fade of paint from rain,
That's on my cottage door,
I see it in the wind-swept clouds,
So high above the ground,
And in the tiny drops of rain,
That from them patter down.
I feel it in the new spring air,
Over green countryside,
And in the golden hue of rock,
In canyons deep and wide.
But when I feel it most of all,
Is after woe or fear,
With His strong arms around my heart,
And His voice in my ear.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring's Song

When the bells ring out their anthem,
And the birds join in refrain,
The wind will whisper on so softly,
To the patter of the rain.
The trees will lash their branches lightly,
Dancers of the Spring's first song,
The woodpeckers will drum the rhythm,
In the sunlight growing long.
The fish will spalsh with wild abandon,
While the river laughs with glee,
Dragonflies slip o'er the water,
With wings of colors so lively.
And then comes dusk, with her dark mantle,
Chased by the moon with words so sweet,
All the stars look on in silence,
With satisfaction that's complete.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Desert's Call

The sun does rage in turquoise sky,
The wind whips through the air,
And I upon my way do walk,
With sand in clothes and hair.
The desert is a savage place,
Full of dangers hidden,
But soon you'll find that it's embrace,
Does warm your heart unbidden.
Yes, full of danger it might be,
But vibrant life is there,
Clinging to each precious drop,
Of water pure that's there.
And when at last I reach the town,
Under haughty human leer,
I'll look upon the desert's face,
"I'll be back, never fear."

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Squirrel

I climb about,
And touch the sky,
Through branches,
And the air I fly,
My tail unfurls,
Behind me while,
I chatter on,
With toothy smile,
I pillage fruit,
Of beech and oak,
Hiding them,
With dirt as cloak,
I know not where,
I have put them,
Under bush,
Or daisy's stem?
I scurry quick,
Where leaves abound,
Above the dangers,
Of the ground,
At last I reach,
Home, cool and dark,
While crickets chirp,
And dogs do bark.

(This one's for you, C.P.)

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Wind

The wind is whistling softly,
Passing through the trees,
It's in a gentle mood today,
A warm and lovely breeze.

The wind is everywhere right now,
Blowing different ways,
You can't tell where it will go,
On these playful days.

The wind is howling loudly,
At the cottage door,
It mourns for warmth and comfort,
These are things that it yearns for.

The wind is tearing at the waves,
Of the ocean blue,
It is angry yet again,
That the rain's untrue.

And through the stages of the wind,
Through the breezes and each gale,
The wind is ever present,
With it's own erratic tale.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sun Bathing

As I lay upon the grass,
Bathing in the sun,
I close my eyes and dream of things,
That no one yet has done.
I climb the highest mountains,
Look down upon the world,
All the lakes and glens,
Through clouds that writhe and curl.
I'll dive the deepest ocean,
And swim the sea so long,
Only coming up when,
I've heard the mermaids' song.
I'll tame the fiercest lions,
And teach the dogs to sing,
Then watch the clouds of butterflies,
Blocking sun with wing.
And when at last I travel back,
To where I started from,
I'll wake to the old pond-ducks loud quack,
And the honey-bee's soft hum.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Forest

The sun high in the winter sky shines so brightly down,
Waiting for the evening to in the ocean drown,
The clouds are floating here and there all about the sky,
As little birds glide to the ground the wind whispers good-bye,
The trees are nodding softly, the cold does sap their strength,
The squirrels do chatter gaily as they run the forest length,
The deer look on in silence, ever watching out for fear,
They know they how slim a chance they have if the hunter gets too near,
All in the forest know just how soon the cold will go,
And up will come the wildflowers, peeking through the snow.

Monday, March 2, 2009


falling softly from the sky,
Over the ground it piles high,
Making the old world look brand new,
Barely any color peeking through,
There's a flash of brilliant red,
A gay, bright hood on cardinal's head,
Soon it will be gone again,
But I wish it would never end.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

To My Mother

As new day dawns the darkness fades,
And the world's discovered in brillant shades,
The dewdrops on spider's web are glistening,
And we to thrush's song are listening,
Nocturnal creatures go to rest,
And new spring flowers look their best,
The air grows warm as the days grow longer,
And the feeling of hope grows ever stronger.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Friend and I (To C. S.)

My friend and I did walk one day,
Through alabaster lilies, where deer do play,
Through the valleys and the dells,
And listened to the church's bells,
Echoing off hill and knoll,
Striking chord in each man's soul,
And as the sun set in fiery light,
The stars did herald the dark of night,
It wasn't the end, but just a stop,
Into life's lake, just a drop,
Of quietness for all to rest,
The sun's gone on another quest,
To see the world, and then come back,
To bring us the light we dearly lack,
My friend and I did walk one morn,
And saw the world in light reborn.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

To J. T.

I sat and watched the stars one night,
I watched the moon in silent flight,
And thought longingly of when through the sky,
The sun's rays would wash o'er me as I lie,
And warm the cold and barren ground,
Peek through the waters of the sound,
But now the sun is at it's rest,
And we will have to do our best,
To not give up, though long's the dark,
Think of the sound of spring's first lark,
Of purple mountains with covers of snow,
Red ridges high, green valleys low,
Of waters running swift with might,
That sparkle in the gentle light,
Of deer that run so silently,
From slightest sound they turn to flee,
Remember these and then you'll see,
Dark Night has no hold over thee.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Description of the Seasons

The new air smells of flowers,
The birds do sing their song,
New leaves now show on treetops,
The days are growing long.

The heat does shimmer o'er the lake,
The deer walk silently,
As the heat of day fades into night,
The stars above shine brightly.

The sun sets on a chilly day,
As leaves float off the trees,
The air grows silent 'round us now,
As to the south birds flee.

The wind blows gusts of frigid air,
As winter comes to call,
Whipping the clouds up in the air,
Though evergreens stand still tall.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Thunder's Song

High the waves do crash,
Against the rocks they dash,
They twist and turn and writhe,
As if they were alive,
Foam does top the waves,
A wild beast does rave,
In it's prison of the sea,
Knashing it's teeth angrily,
The dark clouds overhead,
The fury of sea have fed,
Thunder booms it's song,
As the rain does sing along,
Lightning now does strike,
Lighting up the night,
But soon the storm will pass,
No more does lightning flash,
Thunder sings no more,
The sun has won the war.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Lake

The sun does shine down gently,
As the day does break,
The birds are singing sweetly,
As they flit o'er the lake.
The clouds are light and airy,
Upon a sky of blue,
The warm wind does blow softly,
The trees join in song too.
The quiet of the stillness,
Is peaceful in a clear way,
Upon the shores of water,
While time stops here today.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hello again, chaps and chappesses!

We've been having wonderful weather down here! It was rather warm yesterday. Although, might I add, much to breezy for my taste. It seems *sniff* we are babysitting another dog this weekend. Hmph. I don't know what people see in those things, smelly little drooling animals. Cats are so much more refined. Not to mention poised and elegant. Anyway, I suppose I shall have to suffer it, since it pleases my owner's mother. Oh well.

Ta ta for now!

Orion Wittifrid

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The coming of Spring

At last the sun shines bright and clear!
The clouds have finally gone,
No more of things like snow we fear,
Winter has come but is gone!
The birds are singing in the trees,
The grass grows green again,
The flowers are covered in buzzing bees,
Spring has come again!
As the air grows warm around me,
I sing a song to God,
For all the wonders of nature I see,
Were made for us by God!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter's Silence

The air is still and silent,
The sun is hidden now,
The world does glisten softly,
As snow floats to the ground.
There is no sound like silence,
On a cold midwinter's day,
But the earth still whispers softly,
Listen to what it does say.
The animals are sleeping,
'Till spring they slumber on,
The deer are treading softly,
All birds but few are gone.
Revel in this moment,
Because it will not stay,
Winter will go, the earth will thaw,
In spring's eternal way.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Road Rises to Meet Me

The road rises to meet me,
As I set out of my door,
I long have lived in silence,
But no longer can ignore,
The call of far off places,
Of things I haven't seen,
Although I do not know them,
I see them in my dreams,
I throw cloak upon my shoulders,
Good stick in my hand,
I step out of my door,
To explore the rolling land,
I don't know what will happen,
After turn of the next bend,
After crossing of the brook,
Or the last glance of a friend,
I only know that someday,
When with this I'm done,
I will return to home,
And to your arms will run.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Things To Remember

Oh, for the days of old,
I do pine today,
The stories are still told,
But they seem far away,
The laughing of a brook,
Soft petals of a flower,
They're pages in a book,
That fade more by the hour,
But I must not forget,
The things that are no more,
As on a shelf does sit,
An unlocked secret door,
Remember all the meadows,
The sunlight bright and clean,
The happiness and woes,
Of people now unseen,
So help me Lord, I promise,
To remember all the things,
From a lttle child's first wish,
To a butterfly's feathery wings.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

On the Subject of Cold

On the subject of cold,
We will stop for awhile,
Bring a warm hat,
while I dig up my file,
On the wonderful weather,
That's been here this week,
Even though it's suprising,
It was being a sneak.
It had gotten cooler,
As cold weather does,
And then it went BANG!
Now we need a coat with fuzz.
But enough on it's coming,
On to the feeling,
I suppose you can guess,
The chill will leave you reeling.
It will freeze all your whiskers,
Numb fingers and toes,
It will make a bright apple,
Out of your nose,
Sometimes we do grumble,
When shoveling the drive,
But there's no greater time,
Than sledding to feel alive!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hello again chaps and chapesses!

It's been awfully cold here lately. I have succeeded, however, in getting my owner to take me for walks outside. Fresh air does you good you know! Have you read the poem posted on here recently, titled "Ode to a Housecat"? Please do. My owner modeled it after me of course. Except the fault parts. I don't have any idea where she got those. Oh well, probably some other cat. I do think I am the perfect cat. I'm kind, and loving, and modest too. Well, I must go and finish my breakfast. Ta ta for now!

Orion Wittifrid

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New Day

As I look out of my window,
On this cold and gloomy day,
The sun has yet to rise,
It is still in winter's way,
I think upon the day before,
What things that I did do,
And I hope for better yet today,
Because it's perfect and brand new.
Not spoiled yet by grumbling,
Not stained by unkind things,
A day that is untattered,
Is worth more than jewels and rings.
So as the sun does rise,
On this cold and gloomy day,
I sit and talk to God,
And ask Him to guard my way.

Monday, January 19, 2009

An Ode to a Housecat

You sit there so primly,
Before the fireplace,
Washing ears and tail,
And whiskers on your face.
Stretching out each morning,
In patch of sunlight long,
Twitching your pink nose,
As the robins sing their song.
You have a mind of your own,
When called you never hear,
Too busy chasing mice,
Who tremble hard in fear.
You do have your faults,
As every housecat does,
But still we love you dearly,
Love is "is" not "was".

Friday, January 16, 2009

Night and Day

Dawn has come,
Though night is still here,
The moon still reflects,
Sun's light like a mirror,
To the east the sun rises,
And the moon sinks away,
A balance of opposites,
Both night and day.
Soon it will be gone,
The sun will rule again,
And shine it's bright light,
Oe'r every stream and fen,
But the moon will return,
The stars will shine bright,
We will praise our Lord God,
In the cool silent night.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Sea

The tumultous waves do climb,
Out of the salty brine,
To crash upon the shore,
Up to the light house door.
The sky is dark and black,
The sky sun's light does lack,
Beware the savage sea,
The waves roam far and free.
Many places they do go,
Past grass, and sand and snow,
But they cannot penetrate,
The land God did create,
To wash over the ground,
With a mighty rushing sound,
Yes we are safe tonight,
With trees, and dirt, and ice.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another Sinking Sun

Another sinking sun,
Another day has ended,
This could be my last one,
I won't know till I live it,
I will not hide inside,
By fear I won't be tied down,
In God I will confide,
My worries and my problems,
So let the sun go down,
Let the night take over,
I know that I won't drown,
God is watching over me.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dear Chaps and Chapesses,

how lovely to write to you again. It's been so long since I was able to, I fear you might have forgotten me completely. Not that that's easy to do, mind you. As of late, more dogs have invaded my home, although, luckily, they decided not to stay. I would have driven them hence like a bad pestilence. Which is what they are. All those fleas, ugh. Anyway, now that we are safe from invasion, I decided to go and celebrate with a feast. But, due to a lack of common sense from a certain owner, there was no feast. I had to try to climb up her leg for almost five minutes before she spread the feast. Five minutes, I tell you! It's a disgrace, that's what my old aunty would say. She always told me, "Orion, if you don't take charge then you'll never get fed!" It's proved quite true. I must depart now, breakfast awaits.
Ta-ta for now!

Orion Wittifrid

Saturday, January 10, 2009

In His Hand

The waves were rough,
The air was thick,
The clouds were dark and black,
The wind picked up,
Birds flew to land,
The storm was coming back.

Of all the boats,
upon the coast,
One only rode the sea,
The captain frowned,
His sailors still,
"Oh Lord help them and me!"

This fervent prayer,
He muttered long,
Although no man could hear,
But God above,
Did hear the plea,
Of a Christian he held dear.

Through the storm,
And howling winds,
He held them in His hand,
And though many times,
They did fear death,
He kept them safe 'til land.

When at last,
The sun did shine,
Upon that weary crew,
The captain closed
His eyes and said,
"Lord, them and me thank You."