Friday, January 28, 2011


My sister means the world to me,

More than any treasure,

And I can face most anything,

As long as we're together.

The secret laughs that we have shared,

Are near still to my heart,

and even though we wander on,

We're never far apart.

I take her hand,

And she takes mine,

If we ever start to stray,

And I thank God above for her,

Without fail every day.

She has been there when she's needed,

And knows always what to say,

With a word of comfort ready,

When life is all in dissaray.

When it rains she takes me dancing,

When it thunders she sings loud,

She never gives in to the world,

My sister makes me proud.

So Sister keep on going,

And never turn around,

We'll always be together,

And I'll never let you down.